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Are PM & UX reaching their potential in your org? 


Product Management and UX have the potential to be a powerful duo, working together to add strategic value to the product team.


too often, these disciplines are NOT collaborating as closely as they could be. We commonly hear frustration from both sides:

  • UX feels like they're brought in late as a "service" rather than a design partner

  • PMs feel like UX doesn't understand stakeholders and priorities that aren't UX-related

  • UX feels PM ignores or undervalues user research and testing

  • PMs feel that UX  research, design, and testing reduce delivery velocity

We're developing a workshop designed for PM/UX teams to help them:

  • Align on roles and accountabilities

  • Engage more effectively strategically and operationally

  • Learn to trust and communicate more effectively

  • Improve their engagement model to ensure better collaboration

We're working hard to design a workshop that is highly interactive, meaningful, and fun.

Workshop Summary
Virtual Session, December 12th at 14:00 CET (8:00 EST)
Audience: Pairs of senior PMs and UX professionals
Workshop Objectives

  • Propose a reference model of PM/UX accountabilities and intersections

  • Explore the role of UX in product strategy

  • Brainstorm on ways for the team to communicate more effectively

  • Define an engagement model to improve product business outcomes

Stay tuned for further details!

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