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Product Roadmapping

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Roadmapping may be a product manager's most important activity! However, most roadmaps are not strategic! They represent a reactive stance to stakeholders' needs and over time lead to commoditized products that stagnate in the market.

This e-book provides an overview of product roadmaps, highlighting critical points that will change the way you think about this critical artifact.

Whether you're new to product management or a seasoned veteran, this e-book will give you insights that will make you more strategic and impactful.

Table of Contents

  • What is a product roadmap?

  • What a Product Roadmap is Not

  • Roadmap Items

  • Product Roadmap Representations

  • Product Roadmap Business Context

  • Product Roadmaps & Strategy

  • What makes a good roadmap

  • Presenting your Roadmap

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