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Coach PMs Annual Membership

The best online professional development value for

product managers and leaders

Hands on the Climbing Wall

Amazing Value

At an unbeatable price

Accelerate your PM career by getting access to a huge collection of resources to help you:

  • Manage your career strategically

  • Radically improve your PMs chops

  • Be more productive in your daily work

Practical Resources

To grow at your own pace

Our annual membership gives you access to:

  • online courses, including a Foundations course that covers PM end-to-end and a course on building business models

  • A library of productivity tools complete with examples and explainer videos

  • Learning Paths that help you get up to speed on important topics fast

  • Exclusive, high-octane exclusive content generated weekly for our members

New Growth
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Who is it for?

Benefits for Product People

  1. Independent Learners: Perfect for self-starters who prefer controlling their learning pace and schedule.

  2. Resource Seekers: Suited for managers looking for a rich library of diverse educational materials.

  3. Community Networkers: Designed for those eager to connect with peers and expand their professional network.

  4. Trend-Aware Leaders: Best for professionals who aim to stay updated with the latest industry trends and practices.

Exclusive Content

Members Only

We publish new content exclusively available to members, including:

  • Blog posts

  • Deep dive videos on key topics

  • Key learnings from our coaching programs

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