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Guidance on selecting a balanced set of metrics to measure organization or product success.

An overview of the massive potential of innovating your product's business model.

This briefing will guide you through some important activities that can help you make the biggest impact possible in your "initial period" in a new PM position.

A few core tenants of being an effective leader. Perfect for individual contributors moving into leadership roles.

Simple tools to save you time and help you remain focused.

How PM and UX can partner to deliver strategic value to the product business.

Overview of how to create various types of product-centric pitches

An overview of portfolio management in digital product and solution companies.

A clear definition of what a product strategy is, a broader model that makes it meaningful, a few strategy archetypes, and a framework to think about them.

An introduction to managing your professional brand strategically.

How can we move from being reactive and operational to executing on a clear strategy?

How Aha! can help your organization improve your product roadmaps.

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