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There is probably no faster way to accelerate your career than engaging with an experienced coach. At Coach PMs, we create personalized programs for product people that help them realize their career potential fast, including live sessions and an entire platform offering online courses, Learning Paths, video briefings, productivity tools and much more.

Your coach will

  • Give you valuable insight based on their experience

  • Improve your confidence as a PM and job candidate

  • Help you overcome operational challenges in your daily work


Whether as an individual (1:1) or as part of a cohort, we offer coaching programs that will help you manage your career strategically and level up your PM game. Want to know more? Review our pricing or set up a consultation. 

What People Are Saying

"The program Greg designed for me really accelerated my transition from hardware to digital product management. The courses helped with the fundamentals and I found the coaching was particularly valuable in improving my interviewing skills. I just landed a job as a digital product manager and am confident Coach PMs helped make that possible."

Michael E., Senior Digital PM

We Can Help

Aspiring Product


Practicing Product




Land Their First Gig

Maximize Their Impact And Grow Into Leaders

Better Understand Their Role And Manage A Team


  Maximize The Impact of Their Product Managers And Product Owners


Two 30-Minute Coaching Sessions Per Month

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Strategic Career Planning

  •  Career Motivation to clearly define what success looks like in your career

  • Detailed Self-assessment of your knowledge and skills to find strengths and weaknesses

  • Career Roadmap capturing future positions and professional development activities


Library of Professional Development Resources

Explore our Professional Development Resources below.

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Empower Your Growth

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