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What is a technical product manager?

A technical product manager (TPM) specializes in overseeing products that require a strong understanding of technical details and engineering processes. TPMs often have a background in software development, engineering, or a related technical field. They bridge the gap between technical teams and business objectives, translating complex technical concepts into actionable strategies that align with the company's goals. TPMs may be part of a team of more functionally-oriented product managers.

TPMs are involved in defining product requirements, prioritizing features based on technical feasibility and business impact, and ensuring that the development team understands the product vision. Their role is crucial in tech-driven industries where product functionality and innovation are key. It is common to find TPMs in the following scenarios:

  • products based on "bleeding edge" technologies

  • highly complex products integrating a high number of components

  • products that serve a technical audience, e.g., developer tools, APIs, embedded software

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