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What is GIST?

GIST is a framework developed by Itamar Gilad. The acronym stands for Goals, Ideas, Steps, and Tasks. This framework is designed to streamline product planning and execution by breaking down the process into manageable components. Goals outline what the team aims to achieve, ideas are potential ways to reach these goals, steps are mini-projects that implement ideas in phases, and tasks are the day-to-day activities that bring steps to life. The GIST framework helps align product development tasks with broader business objectives, fostering clarity and alignment among team members and stakeholders.

Gilad stresses that the framework is more important than the tools used to support it. He suggest three primary tool options:

  • spreadsheets and lightweight databases

  • project tracking and workflow management tools like Jira and Trello

  • physical GIST Board

Gilad advises teams to select based on their specific needs, with the GIST Board particularly recommended for fostering team collaboration and visibility.

You can read about GIST in Itamar's own words here.

I published a Community Template to the Miroverse (search on GIST Board).

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