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Who should define product strategy?

The short answer is product management. A slightly more nuanced answer is that it's a decision each product organization must make. We believe strongly that PMs should be accountable for strategy at the product level.

Product strategy is a critical aspect of product management that lays the groundwork for how a product evolves over its life cycle. In practice, the product manager holds a key role in defining and shaping the product strategy. As the individual closest to the product's development, market positioning, and overall vision, the product manager brings a comprehensive understanding of the product's objectives, its market environment, and customer needs. This strategic knowledge allows the product manager to set a clear direction for the product, ensuring alignment with the company's vision and goals.

However, developing a product strategy is not a solitary endeavor. The product manager collaborates with key stakeholders across various departments, including executive leadership, marketing, sales, and engineering. This cross-functional collaboration ensures that the strategy encompasses a holistic view, balancing the product's business aspects, market positioning, and technical feasibility. By involving stakeholders in the strategy's definition, the product manager ensures buy-in from all departments, facilitating smoother execution.

Ultimately, while the product manager leads the charge in defining the product strategy, its success relies on collaborative input from various departments, ensuring that the strategy is comprehensive, achievable, and aligned with the company's broader goals​​.

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