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Intelligent Job Search:
Gen AI Edition

Turbocharge your job search with Gen AI

The product management job market is challenging. Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT have emerged as groundbreaking tools, offering untapped potential to revolutionize job search strategies. This workshop is your gateway to becoming a GenAI ninja, empowering product managers to harness the power of AI to achieve breakthrough results in their job searches. Prepare for an engaging, hands-on journey that will transform days of work into mere hours, elevating the quality of your outputs, and amplify your impact in the product management arena.


  • Introductions

  • What makes a job search intelligent?

  • Qualifying Job Leads

  • Optimizing Your Resume

  • Energizing Your Network

  • Answering Interview Questions

  • Preparing for a Job Interview

  • Interview Follow-up

  • Wrap-up

Workshop Details

  • Remote workshop (Zoom) on April 18th from 14:00 to 15:30 CET (8:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST)

  • Preparation: Optional online fundamentals course if you have no experience with Generative AI

  • Limited to 8 participants

  • What you get

    • Access to online materials​ including course

    • Prompt templates to customize

What People are Saying

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Introductory Offer

Intelligent Job Search: Gen AI Edition



Turbocharging your job search with the power of Generative AI

Valid for 6 months

Highly interactive workshop that produces immediate results

Accelerated approach to strategic product job search

Access to online course on job search

Advanced Gen AI techniques to help you in every phase

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