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Pottery Workshop

Customized Programs for
Product Management Organizations

At Coach PMs, we know that developing great product managers takes more than "just a course". That is why we intelligently combine multiple professional development resources to customize programs to meet each of our global client’s unique needs.

We can quickly identify your needs and seamlessly adapt and combine courses, coaching, workshops and more to help your product management organization have the business impact you know they’re capable of — all for less than many traditional courses.

Conference Room


We have a wide variety of courses, both live and online, that can easily be customized to meet your needs. From the foundations of PM to business cases and presentation skills, no one has a more diverse course offering.

Helping Hand

Individual & Group Coaching

Coaching is probably the most effective way to follow up on courses to ensure the learnings are applied to participants' work. Whether for individuals or teams, coaching gives PMs the confidence they need to make a difference.

Business Meeting


Workshops are centered on topics like strategy, roadmapping, and value propositions, and designed to deliver immediate, practical value to participants. Workshops can be customized to meet your team's needs.


Other Resources

Coach PMs offers a professional development platform with productivity tools, video briefings, learning paths, PM FAQs and more.

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