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We Build Custom Professional Development Programs For Individuals And Organizations

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Move Your Product Career Forward At Lightning Speed

We Build Custom Professional Development Programs For Individuals And Organizations


There is no more effective way to accelerate your product career than engaging with a great coach. At Coach PMs, we extend our custom coaching framework to create personalized programs that include training, career planning, job search support, and more.


We offer a wide variety of product-related courses via multiple channels to help you learn critical product theory and put it into practice. Product management is a field that is constantly evolving, and the career ladder for product managers looks quite different than it did even a few years ago.


We have free resources available to help product managers improve their skillset. There are all great ways to learn new techniques and explore different approaches to product management. Get started now and Learn about product concepts at your own pace.

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About Us

Coach PMs creatively combines coaching, training, self-study, community and more to accelerate the careers of aspiring and practicing product managers and product leaders.

We Can Help

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Land Their First Gig

Maximize Their Impact And Grow Into Leaders

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  Maximize The Impact of Their Product Managers And Product Owners


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Welcome to Coach PMs! With our annual Membership, you can access valuable resources and learn at your own pace. You'll gain access to interactive tutorials, case studies, expert blog posts, exclusive podcast episodes, and more. We are constantly updating our content so that it remains accurate. So whether you're getting started in product management or already an established professional who wants greater opportunities, our Membership will provide you with everything you need to move your career forward.


Greg Prickril Has Helped Some of the Biggest Companies in the World. He Delivered Products at:

Get Your Free Resources

If you're a product manager or business owner looking for free resources, you are at the right place. Explore our free courses.

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Why it’s important for Product Managers to continuously learn and develop themselves professionally

As a product manager, you must continuously develop yourself professionally to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Doing so can help your organization stay ahead of the competition and deliver better products and services to customers. Product managers who invest in their professional development will probably be successful in their careers and earn higher salaries. Therefore, you need to make time for learning and development activities that will help you grow as a professional.

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