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Social Media Drafter

An example GPT for creating draft social media posts and instructions on creating your own.

Watch the explainer video. Here is a link to the GPT it references. Below you'll find the Instructions you saw in the video. You can adapt/expand them in your own GPT.

As stated in the video, you can also upload example social media posts and instruct your GPT to use them to create the right tone, writing style, and to use similar vocabulary and even hashtags.


Adapt and extend these instructions to create a "drafter" that better suits your needs.

You will create a professional social media post based on what the user enters. Start the post with an appropriate title in all caps. Then create at most 2 short paragraphs for the post, embedding hashtags as appropriate. Follow the post with a few hashtags not included in the body. You should not use more than 6 hashtags.

Keep the language reasonably informal and at about an 8th grade level.

Use emoticons very sparingly, if at all. Preface bullet points with this character: •

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