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Adventures in No-code

I've been in tech for about 30 years and have seen multiple no-code waves crash on the beach and sleek back into the ocean of great ideas that preceded their time. However, I think no-code is finally here to stay and will have a significant impact on product managers and other non-programming types.

I recently shuttered a product management career development site called That site was built by my partner, a talented developer who worked wonders with a variety of technologies. I decided to re-implement the site's content and services on the Wix platform. I thought I would share some of the hard-won findings emanating from a few weeks of implementing

  • The breadth of rich services available on this platform is mind-numbing. It's been a couple of years since I implemented my first site on Wix and the growth is impressive.

  • Although I'm a big believer in the no-code approach, Wix probably has some work to do to reach a true non-technical audience. Some of the concepts are a bit abstruse and take dedicated effort (and lots of chatting with support) to bear fruit

  • I love Wix but have encountered a non-trivial number of basic bugs that, while proving to not be show-stoppers, frustrated me and increased the time it took to go live

  • Wix support has been amazing. I haven't experienced long queues and the reps are genuinely pleasant and helpful

  • I'm hoping Wix will continue their aggressive growth and eventually become a platform for PMs to quickly prototype more sophisticated and robust proofs of concept and prototypes.

Although it hasn't always been easy, Coach PMs is on the air and (mostly) working. I'm genuinely excited about building this platform out and providing unique value to product professionals wishing to manage their careers strategically.

I was able to quickly recreate online courses and have even scheduled my first live, online training (Product Strategy), all with a few clicks and a bit of typing. If you've ever dreamed of building a membership site I can confidently say the future is here. You can build a site at no cost so I would recommend trying it out today!

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